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Vorsi Metaverse & Web 3.0

Vorsi Metaverse


Q1 2022


Concept, Design & Research

Q2 2022


Analyze the changing trend of the research direction of web3.0 builders in the world in the last 3 years.

Q3 2022

International Growth

Field segmentation and international growth trends of web3.0 practitioners.

Q4 2022


Team formation.Development & Design

Front-end and backend development

API testing.

Test mirror-trades executed.

Latency test.

Liquidity aggregator setup.

Latency test.

Liquidity aggregator setup.

Q1 2023

Vorsi Web3.0 Academy established

Formation of Vorsi full economic ecology.

VorSi blockchain mainnet white paper released.

Connect with VorSi's intended venture capital institutions.

Q2-Q4 2023

Created by VorSi traffic

VorSi traffic segmentation marketing, such as contribution mining, website SEO, online shopping mall cooperation, promotion of major global self-media platforms, etc.

Continue ICO mining. Open positions from time to time..


The VorSi mainnet is launched

The VorSi mainnet is launched and mapped, vos is launched, and the exchange is listed.

Maintenance and promotion of VorSi flow plate; Crypto exchange developed and launched and operated

AI sector development.

Q4 2024

Growth plan

The promotion of the traffic section has achieved traffic growth, and the price of Vos has risen steadily

The exchange is operating smoothly, with a daily trading volume exceeding $10 million.

The AI ​​service platform goes online and realizes benefits; Talent network development.


Updates & Development

VorSi Web3.0 Academy achieves profitability in all formats and gives back to DAO leaders.

Vos has increased in value and there will be a big jump.

VorSi mainnet upgrade. The main network supports smart contracts, a high-performance and scalable blockchain main network that realizes cross-chain interoperability, and it can realize functions such as decentralized finance and decentralized applications.

After 2026

Decentralized community autonomy

All Things Community Vote Governance.

Vorsi Platform will grow with more then 5000,000 active users

$500M USD + Combined

Realize VorSi's full-format economic DAO governance.

User acquisition globally.

TO the moon.

Vorsi System
With the Vorsi

Trading Terminal Each Trader Can

Widest selection
Widest selection

Trade the widest selection of cryptocurrencies

Access quotes
Access quotes

Access quotes from top exchanges through a single account (combined market depth)


Benefit from quick and responsive execution, tight spreads and a deep order book

Crypto information
Crypto information

Access to all necessary information about crypto

Advanced charting
Advanced charting

Access to the most advanced charting software

Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Access to market sentiment, data and analysis – similar to COT on futures

Earn fees
Earn fees

Earn success fees apart from trading profits by allowing investors to copy trades, through the p2p asset platform

Build trading career
Build trading career

Build a full-scale trading career within one single platform

Generate financial reports
Generate financial reports

Generate detailed financial reports which will be aligned with regulations

Funding Allocation

Presale Details

Core & Team

linkdin RB Patel

Pamela Russell

Strategic Technology Partner
linkdin Chepilov


Vorsi Mainnet developmene member
linkdin Yogesh borad

Alex Biryukov

Blockchain and AI platform development
linkdin Ankit Sharma


Strategic Technology Partner
linkdin Scopway Business Private Limited

Beatriz Sainz

Global Channel Marketing
linkdin SAG IPL

Ziqian Dong

Vorsi Singapore Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we are listing a few FAQs people often ask our team.

(1)Vorsi Web3.0 Academy also called Vorsi Global.
(2) A website and a promotion team will be established in each nation as part of the international Vorsi Web3.0 academy project. To serve Web3.0 users and boost Vorsi's traffic, Vorsi will create a fully functional website on Web3.0 knowledge, information, Web3.0 tools, AI, and navigation on each country's site.
(3) Vorsi will build a multi-layer fragmented blockchain network that is more decentralized, safer, and supports Ethereum EVM and multi-chain bridging using Dr. Pamela Russell's Philos Trust Algorithm (core algorithm) based on traffic. In order to support the expansion of the Vorsi business, DeFi and NFT are also implemented on the primary network. The public chain of Vorsi's token is called Vos.
(4) Vorsi will operate adverts on traffic websites (sites in each nation) and create Web3.0 business ventures there, like Web3.0 payment solutions. Additionally, Vorsi has integrated exchanges in the Web3.0 industry, development and operation in the AI industry, mall, wallet operations, talent networks, etc. into the first "token economy" economic project in the world.
(5) The foundation of the Vorsi economic model is a decentralized organization (DAO) that is inclusive, transparent, and benefit-sharing. Members of the Vorsi DAO with various identities include contributors, governors, and leaders. Contributors to the Vorsi DAO are mostly those who take part in contribution-mining among them. The number of recommended and invited members varies, and they will make different contributions and receive different rewards. The governor of the Vorsi DAO is a participant in project management. The governor has a significant impact on contributions. He actively collaborates with Vorsi to handle projects and gain greater advantages from the Vorsi platform in addition to serving as a firm governor. More money. The decision-making layer of Vorsi is the Vorsi DAO leader. Joining the Vorsi DAO Leader will influence how Vorsi develops in terms of decision-making and will make you a partner of Vorsi, allowing you to gain greater advantages.
(6) The particular participation requirements and rewards will be decided in accordance with Vorsi's global operating conditions and partnership techniques in each period. Vorsi DAO contributors, Vorsi DAO Governors, and Vorsi DAO Leaders play different roles in different eras.
(7) People who spent time and money in the early stages of the Vorsi project's development will join the Vorsi DAO and stand to win significantly in the future.
(1) The Vorsi public chain is distinct from other public chains and features a cutting-edge independent algorithm that is unmatched worldwide.
(2) A total of 70% comes from free mining and airdrops on Vorsi. Compared to Core and other projects, the fraction of airdrops stands top in the global.
(3) The Vorsi platform has the best traffic channel advantage in the entire world. In addition Vorsi to developing a global open contribution-mining system, Vorsi also provides navigation sites for every nation in the world.
(4) Vorsi is the first DAO token economic model in the world and an open DAO. (Vorsi's thorough whitepaper in a specialized business style)
(1) A public chain using a novel, revolutionary global algorithm. Vorsi meets this requirement, which is a crucial sign of whether a project is global financially.
(2) Free global release is more decentralized, at 70%, compared to ARB’s 11.62 and Core’s 25%.
(3) The future of Web3.0 development is the token economy, and Vorsi is the first Web3.0 token economy project.
(5) Because Vorsi is a DAO, anyone who supports it can seek to join the DAO as a major member.
(1) Create a world-exclusive blockchain primary network based on the Philos Trust Algorithm by utilizing the research findings of core member Dr. Pamela Russell on IEEE.
(2) Establish (SEO and development) team sites in 80% of the world's nations to reach the scale of international traffic import. Sites have already been established in Singapore and the United States at this time.
(3) The main network and exchange will be opened after the contribution mining system has attracted 5 million users, which is expected to take about six months.
(4) Contributors to the Vorsi DAO who take part in Vorsi's B and C levels can increase their cash income, increase their benefits as Vorsi DAO Governor, and become wealth-free Vorsi DAO Leaders.
(5) Contribution mining members have surpassed 5 million, are simultaneously listed on 3 TOP10 exchanges, and the price has surpassed $20 USD. In order to get ready for the mainnet launch, Vorsi has already established a connection with the exchange through the venture capital firm Chaintechplc.
(1) If your registration is successful, you will get Vorsi's initial gift, become a contributor to the Vorsi DAO, and be able to mine.
(2) Receive 1–100 Vos awards each time you promote a member. The higher the level and the more Vos you can daily mine, the more individuals you can promote.
(3) Vorsi establishes traffic contribution awards to boost platform traffic. To receive incentives for your traffic contribution, click "Get Rewards" on the mining page each day and read the material.
(4) In the future, Vorsi will offer rewards for participating DAO leaders, rewards for DAO Governors, opportunities for community service, and airdrops to acquire Vos in a variety of ways.
(5) Both centralized and decentralized exchanges allow for the purchase of Vos, which is mapped to the main network.
(1) The member invitation process and fairness algorithm are adopted by the contribution mining system. The contribution to Vorsi is indicated by the quantity of member invites. Members will be asked to design a mining method with a contribution level as part of Vorsi's mathematical modeling process.
(2) The Philos Trust Algorithm algorithm, which was published by Dr. Pamela Russell in the top publication in the world, IEEE, is adopted by the Vorsi primary network.
(1) Following a successful registration, you will join Vorsi DAO as an initial member and invite 3–10 people to become A1 contributors.
(2) Inviting 11–20 members to join as A2-level contributors will elevate them to A10-level contributors for every additional 10.
(3) Invite 101–200 members to the B1 level; for every 100 more members, the member level is raised to the B9 level.
(4) Invite 1001–2 000 members to the C1 level; for every 1000 more, the C9 level will be attained.
(5) The more Vos are mined daily, the higher the level, and the larger the contribution.
(1) The computational power contribution increases with user level.
(2) The number of mining operations increases with processing power.
(1) The initial members of Vorsi DAO receive 0.7 benchmark computing power after successfully registering without an invitation code.
(2) The initial members of Vorsi DAO will receive 0.8 benchmark computing power after successfully enrolling with the invitation code.
(3) The initial participants in the Vorsi DAO will receive 0.9 benchmark computing power after successfully enrolling with the invitation code and inviting 1 member.
(4) The initial members of Vorsi DAO will receive 1.0 benchmark computing power after successfully registering with the invitation code and inviting 2 members.
(5) The benchmark contribution computing power for Vorsi DAO A1-A10 level contributors is 1.05-1.5, and each level rises by 0.05.
(6) The benchmark contribution computing power for Vorsi DAO B1–B9 level contributors is 1.55–1.95 and rises by 0.05 with each level.
(7) The comparable benchmark contribution compute power for Vorsi DAO C1–C9 level contributors is 2-3.0, and each level rises by 0.1.
(1) There will be 2.1 billion Vos in circulation in the future, 1.575 billion Vos of which will be distributed free of charge worldwide. This product will be distributed in the form of 75% contribution pool mining and 5% airdrops. Users can get it by signing up to take part in mining or by taking part in airdrops.
(2) Airdrop accounts for 5%, with a linear release over a 36-month lock-up period.
(3) Venture capital funds account for 5%, 0.105 billion Vos. Well-known investment insttures, Brass Tacks Ventures, Chaintechplc, Bitkraft Ventures, Nitutions such as Ausum VenGC Ventures, Amber AI, Hashed, etc., have expressed interest in participating. Institutional investments are locked for 5 years, with linear releases each year from year 1 to year
(4)The operating team and technical team accounts for 15%, which will be locked for 5 years and released linearly.
(1) Vorsi Global mall and international trade will be launched. Vorsi Global have already contacted manufacturers from China and Vietnam, as well as distributors global, and they are very interested in Vorsi Mall. Vorsi Global will cooperate with their manufacturers and use the Vorsi platform to connect global trade.
(2) Vos will be used as a circulation and payment method for all operations on Vorsi's traffic platform (including website adverts, payment tool operations, etc.), its own exchange and AI payment products, malls, and other Web 3.0 operation landing projects.
(3) Vos must be used as payment for projects supported by the Vorsi Academy Ecological Fund.
(4) In the future, Vos will serve as the platform token (Token) for Vorsi Exchange.
(1) Participate frequently in interactions with vorsi navigation stations to get or pay vos.
(2) Modify your personal vos value. The account will become dormant after three days if the vos number does not change, which could result in a reduction in his better computing power.
(3) Their own team's membership is always growing.
Assuming the present plan and traffic modeling predictions are accurate, Vorsi will be available on the mainnet and exchanges roughly six months after 5 million users have joined. Additionally, Vorsi will be introduced beforehand based on market conditions.
(1) In light of Vorsi's robust ecological structure and the development trend of Web3.0, as well as a number of project indicators (such as worldwide traffic, token economic operation, etc.), it is predicted that the price of Vos would eventually approach 20 USD/Vos.
15. How would you define Vorsi DAO, which is a key component of Vorsi's operation? (1) A decentralized organization (DAO) is one in which every member has the ability to become an organizational manager. Vorsi DAO is the decentralized organizational management paradigm used by Vorsi. This is a crucial gene that will strengthen Vorsi since it is open and accepting and can constantly inject fresh blood.
(2) Vorsi creates three tiers of organizational members: contributors (mostly mining), Governors (primarily mining + management), and leaders (primarily mining + governor + partnership-based). A complete set of access techniques has been created by Vorsi. varied degrees of access have varied requirements and rights, which forms the basis of Vorsi's success.
(3) Governors of the Vorsi DAO can manage projects and receive compensation; Vorsi DAO leaders are involved in company decisions, receive more Vos benefits, and receive a share of the business outcomes.
(1) Vorsi shall publish the exact requirements for becoming a governor of the Vorsi DAO through the official platform and public network in accordance with the requirements of strategic development. Utilize Vorsi's marketing platforms to sign up.
(2) Vorsi has a massive ecological and economic structure that calls for a variety of skills, and those with the capacity to contribute can work together. Examples include the operation of traffic websites, mall operations, the establishment and operation of Vorsi Exchange, the development and operation of Vorsi AI, etc. Become a Vorsi DAO manager to oversee and run various 16. How do I lead a Vorsi DAO?
(3) The Vorsi DAO Leader is the organization's top-level decision-maker and a key supporter of Vorsi's growth. Different procedures (access mechanisms) will be developed by Vorsi at various times to infuse new life into Vorsi.
(4) Through the Vorsi DAO market channel, any administrators, contributors, or anyone interested in working with Vorsi can join Vorsi and rise to the position of leader.
(5) If you want to lead Vorsi DAO and receive additional benefits, you must invest the necessary funds (this).
(1) Becoming the head of the Vorsi DAO and a member of the Vorsi decision-making layer is simpler.
(2) Have access to Vorsi's whole economic operation, including the operation of its traffic platform, exchange, AI development and operation, mall and other landing projects, and the ability to participate and get platform benefits.
(3) By being nearer to the Vorsi DAO leadership group, administrators are better able to access project information and enhance operational efficiency.
(4) Vorsi DAO administrators also receive compensation from the platform in addition to the mining money as a contributor. (Note: The amount of compensation is determined by the circumstances.)
(1) You will receive all of Vorsi's income and equity (including Vos token distribution and platform running income) if you join the core of the Vorsi DAO.
(2) Acquiring the highest identity mark equates to joining the Vorsi initiative as a partner.
(1) In most nations and regions, Vorsi will set up sites and promotion teams, in accordance with the white paper and planning.
(2) Recently, it was announced that teams would be formed and branch offices would be established in France, Vietnam, Pakistan, and other nations.
(3) Vorsi is a DAO, and the governor of the Vorsi DAO is in charge of running Vorsi. To jointly run Vorsi, governors from many nations will be recruited.